Deputy Director Li Chun-jiang of Provincial Economic and Trade Commission and his Team Visited the Group
Date:2009/5/4  Author:None

March 25, Mr. Li Chun-jiang, head of 1st Inspection Group of the Activity of Thorough Study and Practice of the Guideline of Scientific Development Jiangsu CCP Committee, deputy director of Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, and his team arrived to view the Group. Accompanied by Mr. Li Ning, director of the board, the leaders visited E¡¯cet la v Company, Technical Center, Testing and Measuring Center, and listened to a brief introduction of the Group and some anti-crisis measures taken by the Group under the current new situation. Li Chun-jiang expressed affirmation on the developing vision of the Group, and encouraged the enterprise to strengthen a self-creation consciousness, to enhance the core competitive force, to actively cope with the global financial crisis, and to maintain a healthy development of the enterprise.