Ever-Glory has successfully passed the inspection for CQC (ISO9001:2008) certification renewed
Date:2010/5/11  Author:Correspondent

The experts group of China Quality Certification Centre had two days inspection in our company for CQC (ISO9001:2008) certification renewed on March 15th.&16 th. Starting from three aspects of designing and development, import & export and

manufacture of knit & woven garments, fabrics & accessories, the all five Experts in the group were divided into five parts to examine the general manager and representative of management, and inspect each department according to the related standard regulations of ISO9001:2008.

At the end of the meeting, Jack Sun on behalf of Ever-Glory, thanks the experts group for their serious and careful inspection on each department and aspect of Ever-Glory, thanks for the questions they raised, and the improvement suggestions and measurements they offerred during our practical work. Meanwhile, Jack Sun required each departments to give substantial attention on the problems which are found during the inspection, communicate with the uninspected departments, and rectify these problems as soon as possible through draw inferences about other cases from one instance.

Subsequently, in order to learn from each other, manager Gao also required the staff accompanied in this inspection to organize the problems found during the inspection and distribute it to each relevant department as soon as possible;

Meanwhile, he stressed this inspection was just a random-sampling check, which meant there might not be only these questions existed in the company's operation system, we should strengthen the power of execution on instruction documents in our daily work. It is also a chance of studying the inspection for company's internal inspectors, which could help to intensify our internal inspection ability, and form our own long-term immunity mechanism.