Ever Glory Int¡¯l Group Apparel Inc. Succeed in Annual Aduit for¡°Inspection Free Export
Date:2010/8/12  Author:ØıÃû

A group of experts, from Nanjing ,Wuxi and so on, appointed by Jiangsu Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarntine Bureau,carried out Ever Glory¡¯s annual audit and exam for¡°Inspection Free Export Enterprise¡± July 30, 2010.

The inspection group made the audit in Ever-glory¡¯s Quality Management System,Production Contract and Commodities Quality,which turned out to be a good performance. Ever Glory Int¡¯l Group Apparel Inc. Succeeded in Annual Aduit for¡®Inspection Free Export Enterprise¡¯

Edward Kang, president of Ever Glory, made following conclusions: take a serious and positive attitude toward the audit; review, consolidate and improve Ever Glory¡¯s systems continuouly; put more efforts in quality control to enssure a circle management system; ensure the effectiveness of product quality control.