Textile-related Professional Knowledge Training Held
Date:2012/3/12  Author:Correspondent reports
    The afternoon of March 9, Engineers Pang Qian and Ding Zhiyue from Jiangsu Provincial Research Institute of Textile Quality Inspection were invited to come to our company to hold an expertise training session and a seminar relating to "basics of textile testing and product identification mark."This training course is an on-site exchange and seminar primarily on some explanations for and some contents of text in the standards of textile product labels, tags, fiber content labels, washing marking and tagging, common standards of ladies' apparel of the national standards and the laws and regulations for textile testing.The content is informative and practical, and plays an important role in guiding the business and brand development of our domestic trade.
     This training course has interested many departments of the Group involving a wide range and attracted numerous participants from posts involving operations, supply, technology, and quality assurance taking an active part in.A lively atmosphere of interaction between instructor and student was created with teachers teaching professionally, and students questioning with a modest attitude.
     Having attended the lectures and exchanged their ideas, the participants unanimously agreed that this course was a great help and much benefited their work, by which they not only understood and mastered a lot of professional knowledge regarding garments produced and traded domestically and the related laws and regulations, but also solved some difficult puzzles that appeared in their work. All of them hope to have more opportunities for professional training of the like.The training course of this time was impossible without the support of the company leaders who had attached great importance to it, and owed itself to the active and cooperative attitude of the participants. The result of the training courses will be analyzed and summed up based on actual needs and effectiveness, in order to seek a plan for appropriate, efficient and valuable training courses in a persistent effort to meet our Tong Ren¡¯s needs.