Export Credit Insurance Training Held
Date:2012/4/23  Author:Correspondent


In 2012, China's foreign trade situation becomes even more difficult, with belated introduction of national policy for export stability, while the United States implements a manufacturing reviving strategy which may bring an impact in the long run, trade frictions between China and the Western countries become increasingly serious, and the trend of RMB rate is more difficult to determine. All these factors will definitely intensify the difficulties of manufacturing exports in China, and eventually affect the situation of China's exports.
     In order to regulate foreign trade business processes, and put the exchange collection risks under control, the company invited Account Manager Zhou Yue from China Export Credit Insurance Company, Jiangsu Branch, to hold a training course named "Procedures of China Export Credit Insurance Business." Merchandisers in all the foreign trade companies and those ranked above, and concerned staff in the Accounting Department and Shipping Section attended the course.
     The main contents of the course include: introduction to China's export credit insurance practice and related insurance products, measures as how to avoid and reduce trade risks taking advantage of export credit insurance, outlines of short-term export credit insurance, notes for the processes concerning claims and recovery cases, a specific flow of credit insurance coverage and mode of product projects. Through the experiences shared and cases analyzed by Manager Zhou, the attendants deepened their understanding of the current risks of trade and investment at home and abroad, became aware of the coverage fashions and attentions to be paid therein, and the significance of credit insurance for foreign trade at the time being. 
     At the end of the training course, Apparel Company President Sun Jiajun made a conclusion and analyzed the main contents of the course with a professional analysis and a strategic judgment on the changing market and upcoming situation of the European and American, as well as Asian business. According to Mr. Sun, "In 2012, we face a serious situation in both internal and external trade businesses, under which we should always maintain a high degree of vigilance and closely follow the changes in requests and requirements in the purchase orders made by both new and old customers and put the trade risks under our control. At the same time, we would also keep in mind the unique advantages of our company in such a complex and jouncy economic environment. ¡±
All attendants have confirmed that they had been deeply benefited by the course, which was of significance and had a guiding effect for Ever-Glory¡¯s domestic and foreign trade development in the year of 2012. It is firmly believed that under the strategic guidance of the senior leadership, Ever-Glory is sure to accomplish even more successes in 2012.